Do All resins yellow over time?

Unfortunately, this is true but some brands are better than others when it comes to yellowing. High-quality epoxy resins add UV protectants to keep the resin from yellowing as quickly. Also, it is important to keep resin keepsakes out of direct sunlight. The more exposure to sunlight, the faster the resin will yellow. 

Refund Options?

As stated when you book in with me, once you have committed with the booking, there is no refund option available. 


My whole process is well crafted and I spend a lot of time preserving your bouquet and casting them, a lot of work goes in to each and every order.

Will my bouqet look how it did on the wedding day?

These are hand made items NOT factory or machine made. The very nature of how it's made determines the outcome. They will always result in being perfectly imperfect and that is to be celebrated.

It is impossible and I can't stress that enough for the flowers to look like they did on your wedding day. The drying/preservation process changes the flowers at a molecular level, completely changing what they look like.

This is not a factory made thing it has natural beautiful imperfections.