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Pollinator Haven - Art Print by Nathaniel J. Hall (Or Nate, co-founder of Padg) 

10% of each sale will be donated to Bee the change Project who do wonderful things for our buzzing friends.

What comes in the box?

  • "Pollinator Haven" A4 Art print on *Lokta paper by  Nathaniel J. Hall.
  • Info sheet printed onto wild flower seed paper. So you can plant it and start your own pollinator haven at home!
  • Bee The Change Project Leaflet - full of interesting facts and ways you can help bees.


*Lokta Paper

Handcrafted in the mountains of Nepal. Lokta paper is a traditional, eco-friendly paper made from the bark of the Daphne bush which grows wild in the Himalayas.

The bark is harvested by hand, the plant regenerates over the next few years and is ready for use again in 5 – 7 years, so it doesn’t have to die or be chopped down for us to have beautiful paper!

The paper is extra special as it also has embedded pressed cornflowers in the paper fibres. Making each and every print unique

Pollinator Haven - Art Print

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