Over the space of exploring my theme of the unconscious mind I started with being interest in visual Art works. I explored surrealism, allowing the chance to dictate Art, Challenge Art and question Art. I started to question experience. What experience can I give a person with my own Art? I wanted the viewer to enter a realm of experience.

I began to experiment with balloons by exploring ways or hanging them, I also started to manipulate them by using clear latex balloons and filling them with brush powder ink and salt, which created a crystallised effect, the outcome showed this to be a positive technique for a possible idea.

I developed a series of ink and salt as well as Holi powder balloons and decided I wanted to create a room full of hanging balloon in order to create an experience where I could involve my viewers physical as well mentally.

Whilst setting up this installation I was in conversations with peers as well as my tutor on how I would document the final out come, and evidence of inviting viewers to come in explore and experience the room with the allowance of being able to pop one or two balloons.

I decided to set certain 'rules' for this interactive Installation - Which I wanted my viewers to break. I set up a GoPro camera to a helmet for my viewers to wear, Which documented their 'experience' and journey in the room.

I creating a room full of colours that consists of blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple (Holi powder), white (flour), and all sorts of ranges for the Brusho ink used

I began Filling the Space with over 300 Latex Balloons all filled with either Inks and Salt or Holi Powder or Flour.